The Helm West Coast Tour.

Hey folks. The Helm leave next month for a ten day West Coast trip. Unfortunately, due to a back up at the plant, our records will not be available for purchase on this tour. For now, you can check out the whole record at

Here are those dates:

May 15th- Seattle @ Black Lodge
May 16th- Bellingham @ TBA
May 17th- Spokane @ Big Dipper
May 18th- Boise @ The Shredder
May 19th- Salt Lake City @ Music Room
May 20th- Las Vegas @ Womb Room
May 21st- Tijuana MX @ You Revolution
May 22nd- Oakland @ Oakland Metro
May 23rd- Portland @ The Know
May 24th- Seattle @ Nemos *rainfest
May 30th- Vancouver BC @ TBA

The year of Baaad Neeews!!!

Happy New Years idiots. Human safety is not a huge concern to me, but the well being and happiness of our pets should always be first and foremost. So, here is to all the happy pets that keep is line, and keep us happy.

In other news, the plant is backed up, with no evacuation in sights, due to upstarts like the weirdos at Bronze Dogs starting new accounts. Regardless, the reference lacquers for The Helm record sound super killer, and test presses should be in any day now. For the five of you that order or buy it, you are in for a treat. It is that good. Uhhh. Tour dates for Das Helm (West Coast and Canada) are being worked out. It should be a gay ol’ time.

I am also eager to get a tape and another vinyl release out this year by a couple bands whom will be named later. My main focus will be punk/hardcore/noise/weirdo garage music that will challenge us on all levels on being better people, riding dirty, and once again, playing music for weirdos. This whole thing will gel together nicely.

Go listen to The Fucking Champs.

2015- The year of baaad neeews.

2015: The year of baaad neeews.

Updates up the yin yang here. Symptoms come to light will be slated for a February 2015, the year of baaad neeews release. This record is the product of getting older, creating life, getting divorced, getting sick, intoxicated ranting, and the overall continued dismay of three gentleman who know that in the long run, their band is not worth shit to the majority, but still means something to a handful. For those who are still listening, we are pressing a very small run of 250 one sided LP’s which will have a full hand screened layout, with a hand screened b side. 50 of these will also feature a limited full color insert which will continue to instill the rich history of elitism amongst those who still make time to crank their punk records whilst they get their eight bucks worth out of their netflix account. Symptoms come to light is the product of a band who stubbornly refuse to throw in the towel, because they take their friendships too seriously. For real, these guys are freaks for each other. Get ready for the year of baaad neeews.